Google Traffic - Laser targeted Leads

Google Traffic is becoming more expensive as more new advertisers come into advertising. It is a matter of supply & demand, if demand raises, the cost raises along with it.

So I was gratified when an associate offered me the opportunity to beta test his cracking lead generation program. | Automated Google Traffic software

Ten thousand ultra-targeted, double opt-in leads for $9.95

I've played with Adwords campaigns before, but nowadays you are looking at spending anything from 20 cents - one hundred bucks per visitor. With the amount I needed to put out there Google traffic has cost me many things in my history including a daughter and a marriage.

Thankfully now I use this program my outgoings have been drastically decreased!

I was asked to give a review of the program as part of the beta stage and so, this is it. at is this program, how expensive is it and will it perform for your site?

Well first off, the program actually goes and locates your leads for you, there is literally nothing to do on your part apart from click the button to start. As the program is fully developed and requires no interaction from the designer, he has managed to reduce the cost so much you likely won't believe it. But I urge you - Believe it!

The most important thing about this program is that it's going to have so much demand. It might just revolutionalise the way we market. Every single website on the net would benefit from more leads (with the obvious exception of secret government departments) and no-matter who reads this will want a piece of the action. Along with all the other huge products you can locate on the web, this is one which we be replicated again and again by hackers wanting a portion of the action.

Now generally webpage/reviews etc will make you read all of the crap on the page before giving you the cost, the reason is that they know it's over-valued but they want to use all their techniques to catch your interest. Just as you get ready with your credit card in hand they smack you with the cost and it's running into the hundreds/thousands. Disturbed you put your card away and close the page. I really bevieve that the best thing about this program is the cost, this is so under-valued it's outrageous. That is the reason I put the cost at the top, it really is it's best selling point.

10 thousand ultra-targeted, double opt-in leads for $9.95!

Let us take some Google traffic and run it through Adwords to formulate the price of your project:

Let us say at a cost of 20c per visitor, at a price this cheap, your target keyword shall be gruesome, maybe getting a hundred searches per day, but let us say after a few months you might hit 10,000 Google traffic visitors, that one awful campaign will cost you 2000 dollars!

Try it with some medium strength keywords at three bucks a click, now your campaign of 10,000 Google traffic visitors is going to cost you 30 grand!

Now try a high volume keyword like the personal finance, keywords at $80 a time and your campaign of 10,000 Google traffic visitors is now going to cost you 800 thousand dollars.

Now if you had this software, regardless of your keyword you would pay $9.95 per 10,000. Your price per click is $0.000995 meaning you get over 1000 clicks per $.

Now you will believe why I am so passionate about this, and why I mentioned the cost up front. This program could just pay for itself in the first click.

Now let us say for example your product costs $47. Your average conversion rate on Adwords is 4-5% and in the tests I performed, the conversion rate of this program is just under 10 percent simply because of how targeted the clicks are. But let us err on the side of caution and go for 5%. 5% of 10,000 is five hundred conversions. five hundred buyers at $47 a time is $23,500. Right about now your eyes will be open wide and you will see what a amazing deal this is, There is nothing stopping you, no catches, nothing! | Automated Google Traffic software

My own first ad campaign has earned me more than 40 thousand to date and I keep on buying more and more packages, 40 thousand return on $9.95 is amazing

This program is so amazing it's added to a very special group of programs I will use on a consistent basis.